I’m Karen Shaw, founder of EASiSITE DESIGN.

Mine is a small business just like yours and I’ve spent the last few years helping other small businesses set up their websites and online presence.

Before I had my 2 wonderful daughters, I worked in corporate world creating websites with code and blood, sweat and tears!

Technology has moved on so much since those early days. What used to take days or weeks now takes only a matter of minutes and I love that.

I admit I’m touching on geeky, fascinated with technology and its impact on our day-to-day lives. Learning new ways to use it to best effect and helping others do the same is a passion.

Once my girls started school and I had a little more time on my hands I started helping some friends create their small business websites. They knew they needed a website but were baffled by choice and constrained by budget so were struggling to find the best way to develop their online presence. For me this was very straightforward, but for them confusing.  I decided that I should be helping more small businesses create websites that work!

So, here I am – EASiSITE Design was born and is now starting to grow.

On A Mission

EASiSITE will be creating web services which are simple yet effective and affordable.

Over time I also plan to provide some useful tips for those who want to dive in a bit deeper and make friends with technology!

Are you looking for a stunning, yet affordable website?


Nothing was too much trouble and once we’d handed over all our content, the site evolved rapidly.

Karen gave us a website we are very proud of.


Woodwork Kitchens

Karen translated my vision into the website I have today.

I’ve had lots of lovely compliments & I love it!


Birds and Beads


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